The Kingdom of Drui'

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The Kingdom of Drui' Empty The Kingdom of Drui'

Post by Drui on Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:43 am

The kingdom of Drui' was founded by the first humans to discover the land mass. They centered in the middle of the continent over what they would come to call the well. It was a massive pit that seed to go to the heart of the world, and within the essence of nature and life inthe form of blue fire. After centurirs the people and land grew together as one, literaly the land grew to feed shelter and nurish this new race of humanity, and likewise the people grew to be one with nature to protect and guide others to respect the land as they do.the well itself grew a giant castle sized tree above it. The drui came to call it Forias Cassealian, which translates to forrest castle. This and the town of grown tree homes in the center of drui act as its capital.

Leadership- the Drui' choose their leader through the blue fire. The fire now so connected to the people is able to see whose heart is true enough to lead the nation. The king of Drui' is titled High kingg of Spero. He is blessed by the fire in a way similar to the Drui's warriors the Spriggan but he is given all affinities plus the ability to enter the well to meditate and commune with kings of old. The current high king is Killian mithrandiel , he is also the youngest to date at 23 years of age.

Economics- the drui do not use a monetary economy, all people are taken care of. Houses are grown where communities pop up, their lands are incredibly fertile with an abundance of food and wildlife.

Army/ defenses- the drui people while naturally peaceful do have warriors, when children reach the age of 13 the blue fire looks into their hearts, those holding the will to protect the world even if it means their life are blessed by the well with an affinity 1 of the elements fire, wind, water, and earth. Some use weapons to channel their element others use the element itself. The leader of the spriggans is gifted all 4 allowing more power aswell as a sword made of the blue fire itself, the high king is also able to summon a similar sword. Their army is set up much like any army defense offense intelligence, covert, heavy armored their difference is that all is from nature, their vehicles armoured animals, their weapons molded from pure steel ore's or wood imbued with the energy of the well. The current leader of the Spriggan is named Orphan mithrandiel, killians older brother, 29 years of age.

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