The Throne of Cruor (In Progess)

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The Throne of Cruor (In Progess)

Post by Cruor on Thu May 01, 2014 3:21 am

The dominion of Cruor is a nation of magi that has existed for hundreds of years. Despite the nation’s longevity knowledge of its inhabitance was lost as the last heir to the Crimson Throne disappeared and cast the dominion into chaos and ruin.  The once unified dominion splintered into sects which ruled and governed themselves, warring with the others to gain more widespread power over the land.  

Fulgur:  The Dominion of Fulgur encompasses much of the lands collectively known as Cruor.  They are built up, modernized nation that condemns magic.  Although their military force is particularly small in comparison to the number of Magi they have been in nearly constant conflict with they have been able to supress rebellion for decades through division and conquer strategies.

Nastis:  The Dominion of Nastis have witnessed first hand the devastation of the condemnation of the Magi in the land of Cruor.  Caught between the war between the other more powerful Dominions Nastis is ravaged by both sides of the war.  

Korvir:  The Domonion of Korvir headed by the alleged descendant of the lost heir, Raknir Alesius, is a gathering of blood Magi who have been in hiding over the last several decades. The Magi have been long divided without a leader as the nation has been without a claim to the Crimson Throne.  With the rise of the Alesius claim the Magi have been able to regroup and reclaim lands for themselves, mostly from the less resistant Dominion of Nastis.  With its growing power, Korvir is preparing for civil war.

The blood magi, once considered the highest class during the dominion’s reign were cast from their homelands and exiled for one hundred years before the sects were reunited under the Ignaseus Alesius, descendant of the lost heir. The Alesius family has since regained control over a portion of the region that was once the Cruorian Dominion and taken their place on the Crimson Throne.

Despite their claim to the Crimson Throne there are still others who challenge the Alesius rule. Going as far to say that Ignaseus was nothing more than a bloodthirsty conqueror seeking power for himself. There are other families who claim their bloodline was crossed with the lost heir, however their magic affinity is lacking in comparison to the Alesius line. Still these other families continue to challenge Raknir's rule and that of his ancestors, causing uprisings and conflict amongst the sects.

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Post by Cruor on Thu May 01, 2014 3:21 am

Alesius Family:

Ignaseus Alesius:Conqueror of the divided sects, heir to the Crimson Throne.

Rahgnar Alesius: Ignaseus' first born son and heir, perished before inheriting his father's throne at the hands of a rival family with claim to the Crimson Throne.

Raknir Alesius: Ignaseus' second son, born and raised in the Crimson Keep where he trained to become a soldier of the Bloodguard until the passing of his elder brother.  Forced into the throne by the deaths of his kin, he took the reins of the nation and rooted out one family after another that challenged his bloodline.  

Cethe Alesius: Raknir's first fiance, murdered at the hands at a rival family during the late months of her pregnancy.  Cethe actually died at the hands of her to-be husband as she begged him to take her children before she perished.  She gave birth to twin boy and girl before she bleed out in his arms.

Anrin Alesius: Raknir's second wife and mother of his second son Datriel.  Anrin was arranged to wed Raknir without his consent.  Her father desiring the power she might obtain through having his children, he consulted the council and convinced them to force Raknir's hand.  Once the two were wed they only shared bedchambers for one night, after which Anrin stayed in her own bed chambers and has never been called upon again.

Rakiel Alesius: Raknir's first son, Acele's Twin brother who was exiled conveniently after he was summoned to Lady Anrin's chambers.  He has not been seen or heard from since his exile and is presumed dead.

Acele Alesius: Raknir's first daughter and twin to Rakiel, she is dignified and strong willed.  She is said to look strikingly similar to her mother, her demeanor however much resembles her father.   Like her father, she has trained in the Bloodguard before her brother's exile.   Unlike her twin Rakiel, she does not rely on cunning to get her way but rather her reputation and presence.

Datriel Alesius: Raknir's second son, born to Anrin as his mother, he is confident and brash.  Raised by his mother to become heir to the Crimson Throne, he think that the world belongs to him and everything in it will mind his will.  

Sworn Families:
Van Corius

Quick Stats:
Ethnic diversity:
Population Density:
Gender Distribution:
Square Miles:
Diplomatic Status:
Economy and Trade:

Currency: Avii

Emperor Raknir Alesius:

Empress Anrin Alesius:

Princess Acele Alesius:

Prince Datriel Alesius:

Warrior General Noctis Van-Korius:

Lord Alchemist Morgorath Cruce:

Lord General Fieore Fafnir:

Admiral Scythe Lacelle:

Lord Assassin Vain Kornere:

Imperial Blood Guard Kovan Van Corius:

The Imperial Blood Guard:








Anima: Anima is a common domesticated beast kept as companions.  They can be trained for military purposes like war dogs.  They're personality is like a dog though their appearance resembles that of a Fox.  Very little is known of their origin or natural habitat or even their habits outside of domestic uses, one of the few things known about them is their ability to bond with the very blood of their masters, this allows their blood to intensify the power of the magik used by the master they are bonded with.  They can range in size from as small as a medium dog to the size of a riding-horse, making it possible for people to use them for transports of a single person or delivers packages varying in number and size.  There is a human like race that shares many of the same magik and physical traits of the Anima.  Most notably they both share a set of magik imbued horns which have been sought out for their power.  The relationship between this race and the Anima is unknown as none who still live remember what they are.

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Dominion of Fulgur

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Re: The Throne of Cruor (In Progess)

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