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Post by The Fundament on Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:03 am

A landscape dominated by large coal mines and oil fields and huge belching factories, the once pristine land leveled out and clear cut to form huge fields and factory style meat processing facilties, you have entered the land of The Fundament.

The Fundament is a highly industrialized society of people where technological innovation and power is all that matters to it's government, the people are numbers and the gears that drive the machine of their country forward. Education, housing, food, healthcare, and a number of other things are distributed by the government equally throughout the country, families are limited to two parents and three children at the very most, though most people stop at two children. The people of the Fundament are paid very little because they have very little to pay for, the only thing they need to pay out of pocket for is entertainment and anything extra or unneeded  such as movies or going out to a restaurant or video games or TV channels besides government sponsored educational programming.

Fundament sponsored television channels consist of three basic channels. One for children, one for teenagers and young adults, and then one for adults and older. Each one consists of very little TV for entertainment and is mostly made up of news broadcasts, scientific conferences or demonstrations, and educational material.

People are sorted into professions based upon their talents and aptitudes and are conditioned and indoctrinated to enjoy these specific jobs to maximize efficiency. People who are unable to be conditioned as they grow are considered “variant gears” and are kept separated from the rest of society, their numbers are small and are usually used for social and medical experimentation. Their housing blocks are usually rather old and run down, only having the very basic amenities such as heat and light. They are given the less desirable foods.

Some variant gears can make use of their exile and avoid the experimentation. They join the military as a special unit that spends nearly all their time training and conditioning to be killing machines. While their life is difficult, bloody and normally rather short, the certainty that they will not be experimented on or forced to live in the same squalor of the other variant gears is usually enough for them. These men and women live in housing blocks that are usually comparable to one for normal citizen's.

The military group that the variant gears are recruited into is known as the V2 unit, standing for Variant Vector. They share much of the same design and aesthetic of the normal military forces but are a bit more heavily armed and armored. They are usually sent on missions that are considered more dangerous, sometimes suicide missions.

The Military of The Fundament is split mainly into two groups, the armed forces that are deployed as ground troops, and the air force which is mostly made up of huge airships, many of which carry bombers and fighters. They have a navy but it is mostly used for basic scouting missions and the patrolling of their own waters as they have very few battle worthy vessels.

The Armed Forces are then split into two more groups, soldiers are grouped into “Legions” and cavalry units are grouped into “Gears”. Each Gear has a Commodore as their highest leader, and each Legion has a General. All of the Legion Generals report back to the General of Court, and all Gear Commodore's report back to the Commodore of Court.
The Air Force is like wise split into two groups, one for the command of airships, and one for the command of all the planes. These two groups are far more entwined than the Legions and Gears but remain separate for tactical and organizational purposes. The Air Ships are grouped into “Fleets” and the planes are grouped by their deployment point's name and fleet. So a group of fighters from a ship named the Nautilus from the 1st fleet would be called the “1st Nautilus Deployment”

Each airship has a captain, but each fleet reports to a “Sky Captain” just as a legion would report to a general. Each plane deployment reports to a Deployment Operator. Each of these Sky Captains and Deployment Operators report to the Sky Captain of Court, and the Operator of Court.

The Fundament is ruled by a court of nobles, industrialists, and military leaders known as the Court of Steam. They are presided over by the monarch of The Fundament who acts as more of an intermediary as a policy maker. The monarch is known as The Fundamental, and while he or she does not have true policy making power, he or she can veto things passed by The Court, and acts as the main diplomatic member of the court. Also, they hold quite a bit of power outside of court, as the royal family is one of the oldest and richest families in The Fundament.

Their religion is actually rather interconnected with their social construction and class system, they worship a god named Heilige who says that the weak of society should be put to the bottom and to the side, and those who strive for excellence and contribute everything they can to society shall be uplifted. The ancient symbol of their god is a raven, and their religion and afterlife are so named after it as Ravenia.
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The Fundament Empty The Fundament Military

Post by Order of Atrum Veneficus on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:23 am

The Fundament Scouti10 Scout Tank

The Fundament Diesel10 Heavily armored Fundament Soldier

The Fundament V210 Variant Vector Soldier

The Fundament Mechan10 Basic Fundament Soldiers

The Fundament Diesel11 Fundament Jet Trooper

The Fundament Elefan10
Fundament Decapod

The Fundament Cjcqpg11
Example of Basic Battle Ship

The Fundament Coloni10
Example of Basic Air Carrier

The Fundament Imperi11
Example of Basic Fighter

The Fundament Usa_co10
Example of Heavy Bomber

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The Fundament Empty The Court

Post by The Fundament on Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:34 am

The Fundament 03e19210
Noblewoman Roselyn Boyd
The Boyd family is an old and proud line of industrialists and merchants within the Fundament, being some of the first people to settle on this land generations and generations ago. They have had three Fundamentals in some way related to their family, whether through marriage or some drawn out blood relation like distant removed cousins. They run many of the oil extractions facilities and are trying to break into the refining business though are facing heavy resistance from the Tazaar family. The current Boyd in the Court is Roselyn a relatively young noble woman who has yet to marry, much to the chagrin of her family. She seems to have aspirations of marrying into a powerful family outside of the Fundament, giving her family even more political power and monetary gain.

The Fundament 3aafa410
Noblewoman Michella Tazaar
Michella is more of a trophy wife to her husband Tobias than anything actually useful to the Tazaar family, a part of one of the newer sets of non-identical twins in the Duchenet family. Her sister, Oria, seemed to have all of the brains and just as much beauty, and if she remained a Duchenet by name it was likely that she would be in her sister's shadow forever. Knowing this, she used something she had that her sister didn't, her womanly charms. While her sister was rather inept in the social sphere of politics Michella was a savant, seducing her way through the ranks of nobles until ending up in the court, and with Tobias, confident that she was no longer less than her sister Oria.

The Fundament Tobias10
Nobleman Tobias Tazaar
Tobias could care less about his naive wife's ideas about politics or her petty issues with her sister. All he cares about are numbers and facts, and the fact was Michella was a good wife, from a good family, with good genes. The Tazaar family was a rather new noble family and had recently come into complete control of a rather significant portion of the manufacturing business, and he knew cementing his lineage in the nobility would secure the Tazaar name for generations.

The Fundament 960ffe10
Noblewoman Oria Duchenet
Oria, the smart one, the witty one, the one with the future. All things her parents said about her in contrast to her sister. Her sister who despite her short comings made it to the court, an achievement Oria could care less about. Michella got there with sweet words and sweeter night time excursions, Oria got there through cunning political maneuvers and brutal intelligence. The Duchenets were a powerful force in The Fundament Court, due to the fact that the military was outfitted with their designs and their production. Though it seemed the Tazaar family was closing in, with Michella's help no doubt, Oria was determined to make sure she kept her family strong and powerful within the court, by whatever means.

The Fundament Matthe10
Nobleman Matthew Duchenet
Matthew was originally from a less well known Noble family called the Tibers. The Tibers a family of weapons traders, owning a significant number of weapons storage facilities and managing many factories under the Duchenet name. So when Oria decided to marry him, he didn't even need to think, of course he would say yes. Taking the Duchenet last name and tying all of his families assets with the Duchenets helped both of them, and being married to one of the most beautiful nobles in the Fundament wasn't such a bad deal either. He's a simple man compared to most Nobles, but this isn't to say he is foolish, he navigates the Court's inner workings with a finesse that surprised many, especially Oria.

The Fundament Gregor10
Nobleman Gregory Boscov
Gregory is a nobleman only by accomplishment, he owns nothing of any really value, and his family barely retaining the station of nobility. Gregory was a Court Commodore for years before retiring and promoting George Williams to the post. He put down three Variant rebellions, stamping out the last of their rebellious will, and instituted the first real border patrol in Fundament history, for keeping the Drui at a safe distance. He fears that when he dies, his family will fade from importance and become nothing but a page in a history book.

The Fundament Commod10 Commodore of the Court George Williams
Commodore Williams is a commoner whose skill and ferocious loyalty to the Fundament and the Court assured him a quick and at times brutal rise to power within the military. Gregory Boscov noticed his potential back when he was the commanding officer of a Decapod detachment during one of the larger Variant Gear uprisings. It took years, but after the resistance was firmly put down and all rebellious spirit was crushed out of the variants, George Williams was promoted to Commodore so that as soon as Gregory finalized the plans for the border patrols with the new Sky Captain of the Court, Selina, he could retire and be replaced by a very grateful George Williams.

The Fundament Cec06d10 General of the Court  Albert Kingston
Albert Kingston is one of a long line of Kingston's to hold this title, the family is an old military noble family, given credit with first occupying the land that eventually became the Fundament. His rise to power was much the same as all the other Kingstons, slow, meticulous, and without much in the way of competition. He isn't an extraordinary case, but he is very intelligent, very tactical, and rather forward thinking for a member of the court, especially a Kingston.

The Fundament 355e9010
Sky Captain of the Court Selina Johnson
Selina Johnson, the first of a falling Noble house to achieve membership of the court. The first woman to ever rise to this specific position, and the only member of the military to ever outwardly speak against the Fundamental and the way the court handles things. There is no proof to say that she is planning something akin to a military coup, but the rumors among the soldiers are rampant, and she is quick to quiet those rumors. As of yet, the court has made no action against her, and to their chagrin it's getting to the point that if they do, she becomes a martyr.

The Fundament Air_ca10
Operator of the Court Victoria Rogoff
Victoria Rogoff, a supporter of Selina Johnson and her movement, she has just recently gained this position. The wife of the late Lord Vincent Rogoff, she has been suspicious of the court ever since her beloved's untimely and violent demise in a crash in the sky lanes above Wohlstand, he was also one of Selina's chief supporters. Her political and military career have been made quite a bit easier by her distant relation to the Fundamental himself, but this does not mean she isn't a shrewd tactician and politician, and an amazing pilot.

The Fundament 73959f12
Variant Vector of the Court "Gear 37"
37, he has no name, he needs no name. He is not a noble, he is not a citizen. He is the leader of the Variant Vectors, a highly trained, highly skilled leader and killer. The only thing he cares about is his younger brother, 36. On all other subjects he is emotionless, cold, and factual. The Court is law itself and he is the judge appointed to dispense it. That is all his life is, and all it will ever be. He wants a better life for his brother, but besides that, he will live, breath, and die a Variant Vector.

The Fundament 63wegl10
The Fundamental
The Steam King, The Lord of Gears, the Prime Mover, the Machine Lord. These are the things the most devout civilians within the Fundament call their leader, The Fundamental. James Maxim Kaylock the Second is the current Fundamental, named after his recently deceased father James Maxim Kaylock the First. Despite being steeped in tradition he seems to be a rather diplomatic man, willing to make minor changes in the Fundament, as opposed to no changes at all like his father. It is yet to be seen whether or not he will truly make any significant strides in mending their environment or relations with the Drui.

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Post by The Fundament on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:03 am

The Fundament Capric10
The Capital City of Zahn

The Fundament Tumblr11
Factory City of Schwarz Luft

The Fundament Un-nue10
Trade City of Wohlstand

Water Filtration Towers and their air counter parts have been in the design phase for years, the court knew that one day they would be required for the continued usage of The Fundament's natural resources, but had no idea they would be needed so soon. If not for the executive action of the new Fundamental and his close friends in the manufacturing families, it would have taken years to get these all built.
The Fundament Cott_t10
Water Filtration Tower

The Fundament Matte-10
Air Filtration Tower
The Fundament
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