The Emirate of New Kyanon

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The Emirate of New Kyanon Empty The Emirate of New Kyanon

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The Emirate of New Kyanon is a small, technologically advanced, military-based nation made up of splintered factions. After being exiled from their homeland, the remaining population has been forced to find a new place to establish their territory. After the overthrow of Kyanon's originally theocratic monarchy and the displacement of the Royal Family, the last survivors of the loyalist regime left to seek refuge. The main factions comprising Kyanon consist of the Royal Family, their subordinate Sakh'Vesh Honor Guard. The entire population is divided amongst loyalists who support the traditional, dictatorial form of government and reformists who want to expand their individual freedom and fight against the corruption and repression that was emblematic of their old government. Overall, the foreign relations of Kyanon are extremely poor and laden with corruption and violence. Altogether, Kyanon only has a population of about 800,000 - 900,000 and occupies a small, fairly remote region on Spero's shore and mountains.

*Quick Stats*

Current ruler(s): Sultan Amir Raskhahan; Warrior-General Kabriel Sakh'Vesh
Current heir: Crown Sultana Rashira Raskhahan
Status: International ceasefire declared

Political: Emirate; military-based government
Economy: Extremely weakened, recovering from recession
Military: (Sakh'Vesh Honor Guard) 50,000 units, known for high-tech weaponry and advanced training
Culture: Strong cultural traditions, intense military background
Symbols: Flag - Red Dawn; Currency - Kyris; Motto - "Order from the ashes, to the wind"

Population: Approx. 800,000 - 900,000 (including military)
Area: Undetermined, less than 7,500 sq. mi occupied, approx 500-750 mi. across
Geography: Forested mountains, grassland, and flat, rocky shoreline
Major cities: New Ky'Shar (capital), Port Rashira, Akhvari, multiple refugee camps
Current imports: Food, construction material, weaponry, oil, electronics
Current products: Weaponry, electronics, various technology


*Current Events - Rashira's Claim to the Throne*

The riots and conflict between loyalist and rebel forces across Kyanon have escalated to dangerous levels. Kyanite cities and refugee camps are faced with constant turmoil between the military police forces, the unruly rioting civilians, and the insurgent rebels. Loyalists and reformists continue to struggle for political dominance.

*General Overview*

Officially, Kyanon is considered an emirate. There is a strong military presence in everyday life. Generally, it is seen as acceptable for civil rights to be limited for the greater good of the country or for the effectiveness of the military. Formerly, Prince Amir Raskhan was ultimately responsible for all major political decisions, but his title has been assumed by his daughter Rashira.

There is a division amongst the loyalist Kyanites who support the Prince and the "old" and established regime of the Royal Family bloodline with blind, undying loyalty, and the Kyanites who are more mindful of the well-being and advancement of the rest of the nation. This has caused considerable difficulty in Kyanon's political climate as the political factions often clash, although the majority of Kyanon is strictly loyalist and any opposing views are often quickly silenced - by force, if necessary.

Kyanon is often looked down on by other nations for the Royal Family's blunt, militant, and often corrupt methods of handling the nation's internal and foreign affairs. Because of their largely different cultural standards, Kyanon's traditions often conflict with those of other countries.

*Factions and Main Figures*

Royal Family

Crown Sultana Rashira:

Prince Amir (declared deceased):

The Royal Family consists of a few powerful ruling members and politicians that are struggling to reform the main government system and maintain their status and control. Prince Amir Raskhan, who was the last surviving heir to his family's dynasty passed down through generations from his father, disappeared after a mysterious rebel attack and was officially declared dead. He was mostly despised across all of Spero for his selfishness, greed, close-mindedness, and volatile temperament, and is the subject of scheduled international war-crime trials for his actions.

After declaring Amir officially deceased and claiming her title as ruler, Crown Sultana Rashira took her father's position as the leader of the Emirate of Kyanon. His 15-year-old daughter Rashira, who is often considered too young to rule but is his only living heiress, has been repressed and abused by her father in an attempt to keep her from gaining too much power and possibly overthrowing the Royal Family. She shows great potential in her leadership abilities, and is more interested in the well-being, advancement, and peaceful affairs of Kyanon than she is in the Royal Family's status. She is met with mixed reactions ranging from reverence for her innate leadership and loyal dedication to Kyanon, to mockery and disgust for her aspirations of ruling at such a young age.

Corruption has been seen as a major issue within the Royal Family of Kyanon. Prince Amir Raskhan himself had little concern for the well-being of Kyanon compared to his own status, and was known to make decisions based on his own personal desires instead of what is logically the best for Kyanon. Many Sheikhs are also considered corrupt and have more loyalty to the Prince and the Royal Family's bloodline than they do for the rest of the nation's well-being.

Other notable Royal Family figures:

Domestic Policy Advisor: Sheikh Tyrone
Foreign Affairs Advisor: Sheikh Sy'Andarah
Trade/Agricultural Advisor: Sheikh Mustahri
Internal Affairs Advisor: Sheikh Otarah
Royal Representative (Port Rashira): Sheikh Serik
Royal Representative (Akhvari): Sheikh Eukharrham

Sakh'Vesh Honor Guard (see Military)

Warrior-General Kabriel Sakh'Vesh:

Kabriel Sakh'Vesh, who is also considered a member of the Royal Family, is in charge of military operations and acts as an advisor to Crown Sultana Rashira. The Sakh'vesh Honor Guard is a small but powerful military force that is completely dedicated to the Royal Family with a small but advanced arsenal of modern warfare technology including sophisticated units and modern weaponry. The Honor Guard acts as Kyanon's main military force. It is made up of about 25,000 well-equipped and disciplined soldiers.

Other notable Honor Guard figures:

Warrior-Marshal: General Selah
Internal Defense Division Commander: Sikharrhat Sakh'Vesh
Field Marshal: General Tenja
Honor Guard Heir: Arrakhesh Sakh'Vesh


The commoners of Kyanon, making up the remaining 50,000 (approx.) members of the general populace, are very poor on average. Since the majority of the country's resources have gone to maintaining the Honor Guard and rebuilding the government and economy, there is little left for the average citizen. The general mindset of the commoners is that the country has been reduced from a proud military city-state to a group of refugees and stragglers, and although they are bitter and lost, they have a strong desire to rebuild their nation.


Very little is known of the insurgent rebel forces that have taken up arms against the corrupt government of Kyanon. Some former Honor Guard soldiers and commoners joined this faction in order to help overthrow the Royal Family and restore order, peace, and honor to Kyanon. While they are well-armed and use extremely efficient rogue maneuvers and guerrilla tactics to help support the political emancipation of the repressed Kyanites, they are out-numbered and out-gunned by the Honor Guard. There is suspicion that some members of the rebel forces also belong to the higher echelons of the Honor Guard or even the Royal Family, but there is little evidence to support this theory.


New Ky'Shar - governed by Crown Sultana Rashira

The glorious, stunningly beautiful capital and crown jewel of Kyanon, known as New Ky'Shar, is the city of the Royal Family. Its main purpose is to safely house the ruling politicians, most of whom live and work in the magnificient Royal Palace. The city serves as a center for reconstruction and reformation throughout the nation.

Nestled safely in a strategically defensive clearing high in the mountains and surrounded by acres of woodlands, New Ky'Shar - named after the destroyed capital of the original Kyanite homeland - is an icon for renewal. Refugee camps dot the outskirts of the cities for several miles across the mountains, but at the heart of the newly growing city, buildings are quickly being constructed from the ground up. Homes, shops, businesses, and guard posts have formed within the city, showing the nation's potential for advancement and prosperity.

The Royal Family and Kyanon's most important politicians and generals - including the Crown Sultana and Warrior-General - reside in New Ky'Shar, along with about 5 thousand commoners and 10 thousand Honor Guard soldiers. New Ky'Shar is only accessible through hidden, highly-guarded, narrow mountain passes through the forest which boosts its defense, but greatly limits trade and travel outside the city gates. The exact location of New Ky'Shar is generally kept hidden from outside nations and is off-limits to everyone besides the Royal Family and others designated to enter by the Royal Family.

Recent rebel attacks on New Ky'Shar have severely damaged the Royal Palace and the surrounding area. Construction work will be needed to rebuild the city to its former glory, but it still remains under loyalist Kyanite control.

Port Rashira - governed by Sheikh Serik

The first refugee camp, called Port Rashira (after Prince Amir Raskhan's young daughter), has grown into a bustling, overcrowded ocean-side community based around the makeshift docks built shortly after the Kyanites first arrived. The economy is poor and the camp itself consists of little more than a conglomeration of tents and poorly-built shelter buildings to house the homeless. Most Kyanite refugees are filtered through this port, which houses most of the commoner populace - approximately 40 thousand people - as well as several Honor Guard posts with about 10 thousand soldiers to guard the port and its population. Port Rashira is the main source of imports and exports for Kyanon, and more refugees arrive on ships frequently. All trade conducted with other nations is handled through Port Rashira.

Riots and attacks from the Dominion of Oniyx and Atrum Veneficus have shaken the city of Port Rashira to its very foundations. Currently, the city is in complete disarray even after the declaration of ceasefire as conflicts continue to escalate between the loyalists, the rioters, and the rebels.

Akhvari - governed by Sheikh Eukharrham

As the most recently established Kyanite city, Akhvari is growing at a fast pace. Its main purpose is to house citizens, but Akhvari is also planned to serve as an industrial and agricultural crossroads to increase production. Located on the flat grassland between Port Rashira and New Ky'Shar, Akhvari is experiencing a huge population boom as apartment buildings, homes, factories, and farms are built with assistance from the relief effort.

Refugee Camps - ungoverned

At least another 10 thousand of the remaining commoners occupy the poor, makeshift refugee camps between and around Port Rashira, Akhvari, and New Ky'Shar. Mostly situated in the mountains or flat grasslands by the shore, they are tiny and densely populated but desperately poor. Deadly and destructive riots continue across the largely ungoverned refugee camps. The commoners here struggle to survive on the scarce rations that the government has available. Military patrols made up of the available remainder of the Honor Guard frequently travel from Port Rashira to Akhvari and New Ky'Shar in an effort to keep order in the refugee camps and maintain whatever borders that Kyanon might someday call its own.

Embassy Camps

Several embassy camps have been constructed a short distance west of Port Rashira to house foreign ambassadors during their stay in Kyanon. They are all situated in close proximity on a grassy, flat plain by the shore. Although embassy camps are considered the sovereign territory of the foreign embassy occupying them, the area around them is well-guarded by Honor Guard posts and patrols to ensure the safety of the foreign ambassadors. Embassy camps vary in size according to the ambassador's delegation, but are more organized and well-kept than the Kyanite refugee camps. There are currently camps available for Khadash Navii, Vaiton, and Atrum Veneficus, although some of them have been left empty due to the recent declarations of war and political difficulties.

*Military (see Sahk'Vesh Honor Guard)*

Kyanon's culture is strongly grounded in military tradition handed down through many generations of Kyanite history. The technological advancements of the nation made them one of the most powerful military forces in their original area before they were exiled. Now, with their severely decreased numbers and weak government system, they have only their lethal training, dedication, loyalty, discipline, and high-tech weapons to use in warfare.

Kyanite culture is mostly based around military prowess and achievements, in which honorable service in the Honor Guard is the highest status that an average citizen can hope to reach. All Honor Guard soldiers are marked with tattoo-like scar patterns indicating their service, and they are worn proudly at all times. The Honor Guard also functions as the police force and executive enforcement branch of Kyanon and is considered the highest social rank underneath the Royal Family.

Military training is compulsory for children (boys and girls) starting at age 8 for early training until age 10 (or later). This training is a traditional rite of passage known as Ky'Ashiva, and is roughly equivalent to other nations' adult boot camp training. For students that pass, it is optional to continue military service or to decline. Regardless of actual military service, Ky'Ashiva insures that most Kyanite citizens have at least basic military training, which makes the average citizen more physically formidable than most. Ky'Ashiva is central to Kyanite culture since it secures an incredibly disciplined military and establishes a social hierarchy order based on military tradition and the "survival of the fittest".

Honor Guard Infantry Soldiers:

Honor Guard Personal Escort and Bodyguard Unit:

Light standard tank:

Heavy standard tank:

Light gunner:



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