Changing of the Crown

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Changing of the Crown Empty Changing of the Crown

Post by The Fundament on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:14 am

The people of the Fundament mourn at the passing of the Fundamental James Maxim Kaylock the First, and celebrate the immediate coronation of his successor James Maxim Kaylock the Second. He, while being very tradtional like his father and the long line of Kaylock rulers, was willing to make minor changes to the Fundament. He even went to so fa as to allow people to leave for the Drui village that was set up outside their borders...though he did immediately remind them they would be giving up everything they had ever known and understood to live a completely different kind of existence within a culture completely opposite to their own that they knew little of. That was enough to stop most from venturing out for more than water or food, which he allowed as well.

He was easier on the Drui than his dying father was, he did not condemn them for the 'attack' on their people, forming the bubble that kept in the pollution. He simply stated that after such a long and tumultuous history, the Drui took drastic action because of his father's unbending stubbornness. He was the one who unveiled the plans for the filtration towers and revealed a few minor policies limiting the amount of pollution factories and other industries were allowed to dump. Minor changes that would make the filtration towers all they would need to maintain the lifestyle they were all accustomed two, maybe even clean the air and water some more so it wasn't just barely livable. Some day people may even be able to walk outside in certain parts of the country without gas masks, though that was decades away under his current plan.

He also stated he planned on increasing trade and international relations with the nation of Kyanon to the North, and the technological domain within Cruor to the north west. The people seemed to absolutely love the idea of trading knowledge and technology with these other nations, jumping at the opportunity to have allies on this continent, as they had been taught to fear and hate the magic users of the Drui, and distrust all the others.The court had other more political intentions behind these alliances and agreements such as political marriages between nobles and leaders.

The crown may have changed but the country would see little change with this new Fundamental, but little changes may be enough to pave the way for bigger ones, hidden agendas and secret plots within the kingdom of steam and metal.
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