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The Spheres of Sha'sah Empty The Spheres of Sha'sah

Post by Sha'sah on Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:50 pm

Current Statistics of the Sha'sah

Population: 3,000,000 – 3,498,859  
Ethnic Diversity: 100% Sha’sah
Population Density: 3-5 per Square Mile
Gender Distribution: 67% Female, 33% Male
Total Area: 600,000 square miles

Statistics are Estimated.

Diplomatic Status:  The Sha’sah are weary of the nations of Spero and have remained fairly unnoticed throughout their many years of inhabiting the north eastern part of the continent.  It is highly unlikely that any of the nations have seen a Sha’sah outside of rumor or disguise.  

Economy and Trade:  The economy of the Sha’sah is stable.  Some people of the Sha’sah leave their lands in disguise and trade.

Goods: Elixirs, Salves, Horses, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, etc

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Post by Sha'sah on Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:49 pm

Physical Appearance:
The Sha’sah are a slender race that does not commonly grow taller than five feet in height.  Their eyes are a key giveaway to their identity, as all Sha’sah have slit pupils rather than the round ones found amongst the other ethnicities.  Their adaptation to a hunting lifestyle has fashioned them with a keen sense of smell, powerful legs, and tails which provides them with exceptional balance.  Males and females are generally easy to distinguish, as males generally have pointed ears whereas females generally have animalistic ears.  This does not always hold true however, it is fairly consistent. On rare occasions Sha'sah have been known to have horns, wings, and other uncommon animalistic features.

((Culture and Magik has been rewritten.))

Ethereal Shards:  
The Ethereal Realm is divided between three spheres, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.  As each of these draw power from the others they progress into the Eclipse, the Equinox, and Celestial.  Each Sha'sah is born with a physical Ethereal Shard embedded within their body.  These shards are a great source of power for the Sha'sah and also are their greatest weakness.  The Ethereal Shard within a person's body contains their life force and determines which path they will follow throughout their lives.

Sha'sah can utilize their shards as magik however this is dangerous for the user and those around them.  Their magik tends to be explosive and uncontrollable, as well draining the lifeforce and potentially causing serious injury to the user.  The shards are also capable of absorbing the magik used against them however, this causes the shards to spread and poison the body of the host.  This aspect, unlike the previous, must be learned by the individual.  

Due to this reason, the Sha'sah often don't use the great amount of magik they possess.  They rely more on their agility and strength rather than the power that lies within them.

The Sha'sah are a nomadic people who tend to like a solitary lifestyle rather than a "civilized" society.  There are four spheres that divide the Sha'sah race.  Each of the different Spheres is aligned with a different aspect of the cosmos, Aurin to the Sun, Kuu to the Night, Chaska to the Stars, and the Thralea aligned with the cosmos as a whole.  Because of the vast difference in female to male birthrates amongst the Sha'sah it is the females that lead the Spheres.   

Wolves are the most highly valued creature in their territory.  Bred for speed, strength, and endurance Sha'sah wolves are long legged, slender, with powerful muscular and bone structure.  Sha'sah feel a strong emotional bond to their wolves, often a stronger bond than they have to their children.  Almost every Sha'sah has a wolf or two although some keep entire functioning packs.  Wolves are revered and never sold.

Horses have always been a largely respected part of the Sha'sah culture.  They are used for warhorses as well as for travel.  A horse can give a Sha'sah the advantage for another due to their great levels of power and speed.  They are treated highly by their masters, often better than the Sha'sah treats themselves.

The Sha'sah have learned how to create strong elixirs, salves, and potions from even the most deadly of plants and venom.  They have used these medicines for many years to cure what was once thought to be incurable.  The Sha'sah are willing to trade these elixirs however, they come as a hefty price of money or a large amount of supplies due to the extensive preparation that must be done to create them.

Sha'sah Birthrights are very different from other cultures.  When a Sha'sah woman conceives, she often carrying multiple children.  At birth, a Soul Seeker looked into each child's soul, glimpsing their future.  This is a crucial moment of a Sha'sah's birth and if done incorrectly or interrupted it can separate the souls from their bodies.  When the Seeker has finished the process the child is given a name that relates to their future.  Because of this, there are no set naming conventions for the Sha'sah.

Tulossa Ikaan
When children reach adulthood, a ritual called Tulossa Ikaan is performed.  Often during this ritual the adolescent's marking are tattooed, branded, or scarred into their bodies.  After many rituals and ceremonies are performed, the child is cast into the wilderness where they must fend for themselves.  

Marriage Rights
Much the opposite to the structure of most other nations, it is often the woman who choose their mates. It is not uncommon for the Keepers of Spheres to take multiple mates to ensure that their genes are pasted to the next generations however, it is highly uncommon among the more common Sha'sah.  It is more common that they will mate for life rather than mating with multiple mates, even is widowed.  Rather than traditional courting, females will often duel their potential mates to ensure they choose a worthy mate.  This also applies to duels outside of courting, females will seek the affections of males that can defeat them in battle.  The inverse is true for males of the Sha'sah,  although they still seek strength in their mates, males are accustomed to seeking a weaker female to earn the right to marry her.  If a male seeks a stronger female than himself he is not likely to earn the right to marry her, so it is common to see males training to increase their strength to earn a particularly strong women's affections.

Cleansing Rights
Seekers are capable of cleansing Kaarins, healing the parts of their internal body that have been torn by the Sarkea.  Once the poison has torn through their skin however, a Seeker can do nothing to help the Kaarin from further spread an eventual death.

The Sha'sah are mostly a nomadic people, never staying in the same place for any length of time.  Most of their villages are temporary structures such as thicket huts and tents.  As you travel across the lands of the Sha'sah however, you will find stone structures scattered throughout the land.  These are sacred grounds, often burial grounds or the areas closest to the Ethereal Realm, where all must lay down their weapons and grudges to enter.  No blood is to be shed on these grounds without consequences from the Ethereal Realm.
The Spheres of Sha'sah Stoneh10

The word Kat'sella translates into "Watcher."  The Sha'sah have sent specially trained Seers known as Kat'sella's to observe the nations surrounding their homeland.  Each Sphere has their own Kat'sellas that travel the vast lands watching.  They are so rarely seen that they have been mistaken for ghosts and spirits.

Aurin Kat'sella
The Spheres of Sha'sah Watche10

Kuu Kat'sella
The Spheres of Sha'sah Anima_10

Chaska Kat'sella
The Spheres of Sha'sah Watche11

Seekers are not a separate Sphere but they are immune to all conflicts between the Spheres.  Seekers perform crucial tasks for all Sha'sah, regardless of Sphere, such as Birthrights, Tulossa Ikaan, and Cleansings.

The Najika:  
The word "Najika" translates into "Seer." The Najika are Sha'sah who's have allowed their eyes to shatter, causing weakened vision however, grants them the ability to see the magik being used as well as that within individuals.  Najika's are exceptionally skilled in nullifying all types of magik, however their bodies are often weakening.  The amount of power that can be absorbed is not limited however, those who ignore their limits will succumb to the poisoning shard, weakening their bodies as it is ripped apart by the spreading crystal.
The Spheres of Sha'sah Broken10

The Sarkea:  
The Sarkea is the poison of spreading magik throughout the body of a Sha'sah.  Kaarins often succumb to this ailment, a risk they were well aware of when they chose to take on the crucial role.  Their bodies are ripped apart from the inside until the poison tears the skin open in cracks.  This allows infections, viruses, and bacteria to enter their bodies which is usually the cause of their deaths, not the poison itself.
The Spheres of Sha'sah The_wi10

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Era is one of the oldest Sha'sah known to still live.

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