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The Imperial Courts of Arian Empty The Imperial Courts of Arian

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Arian was once powerful and governed an entire continent, that is, until the White Wars ravaged the world around them.  Known for selflessness and nobility, Arian gave many lives to bring refugees to their nation where they could be protected.  Still, they were unable to fend off the assailants.  As the world crumbled around them Arian gave a final push for freedom, sending half their military force to their honorable deaths to defend the people as Emperor Kazou used his lifeforce to transport the remainder of his people to safety.

Banner: The symbol of Arian is the Rising Phoenix.
The Imperial Courts of Arian Arian_10

Quick Stat:

Current Emperor Nishi Reia (Empress)
The Imperial Courts of Arian Calm_t10
Reia is the first and only born of Emperor Nishi Kazou.  Kazou wanted her to lead a happy, normal life away from the hardships of leadership so he sheltered her from the world and its pain.  During the White Wars however, she was rudely awakened to how cruel the world can be.  One of the downfalls of the Court of Winds is that the castor of the portal cannot pass through it.  Thus, when the emperor transported his people to safety he was unable to follow, leaving his daughter to inherit his throne and with it the pain of his people.

"You told me to live as if you were to die tomorrow, feel as if you were to be reborn now, face the world as if you were to live forever."

Military Commander Kanashige Naoya
Court of Flame
The Imperial Courts of Arian Naoya110
Kanashige Naoya was found orphaned in the northern mountain province of Kaie when he was a child.  In one of the darkest caverns of Kaie he was found by Kagoshima Koji  holding the remains of a young girl, presumed to be his sister.  He was motionless, as if he himself had passed away with his lost sibling.  The young general, at the time, watched the boy, offering him food that was never touched.  After several days word arrived in Katsutakashi that he had been held up by this unusual circumstance.  Sensing something different about the boy, he took him back to the imperial courts where he was introduced to Nishi family.  Koji treated him as his own son and raised him into the military commander he is today.  Naoya and Reia grew up side by side and Naoya seems to have a strong connection to her.

High Imperial Advisor Kagoshima Koji
Court of Minds
The Imperial Courts of Arian A-lume10
Kagoshima Koji was once the Imperial Military Commander however, he retired from the position during the White Wars.  Little is known about the reasons he retired from his position however, he is still one of the most respected Lord Generals in the Courts.  He was emperor Kazou's most trusted general and close friend.  Koji discovered Kanashige Naoya is the province of Kaie and adopted him as his own son.  He is also one of the most skilled courtiers of the Court of Minds.

Imperial Advisor  Koga Ren
The Imperial Courts of Arian Ren1010
Koga Ren is one of the few females to rise to imperial advisory.  She is the only child of a well respected general.  Because he too had no sons to become his heir, he trained her to take his position upon his Sending.  He soon grew too old to serve as a warrior then took a official position within the courts.  She served in the military, rising through her ranks with ease, until her father passed away.  She was forced into his position as a Imperial Advisor and longs to return to her place on the battle field.

She is outspoken and confident.  She has never been afraid to speak her mind when she believes something needs to be addressed.  She has an ongoing feud with Advisor Yuuki who believes she should never have been welcomed into the military or the courts.  

"Address me properly unless that is you want your head on a pike!"

Imperial Advisor Yuuki Katsuro
The Imperial Courts of Arian A-huan10
Yuuki Katsuro is the oldest advisor currently serving in the courts.  He was serving the courts twenty years before the previous emperor, Nishi Kazou, and believes that many of the changes he implemented during his reign-such as allowing women to enter the military and the courts- were appalling contradictions to prior law.  

Imperial Advisor Kioshi Jirou
The Imperial Courts of Arian Night_10

Lord Justice  Mori Norio
Court of Minds
The Imperial Courts of Arian Zhuged10
Mori Norio was taken early in life and trained specifically to become the Lord Justice of Arian.  His childhood and adolescence of filled with intense studying within the Court of Minds to learn to read the thoughts and inhibitions of those he would eventually judge.  He is the final branch of the Arian's judicial system, his word is final.

International Ambassador  Nakano Aname
The Imperial Courts of Arian 20205210
Nakano Aname is one of the newest additions to the court.  She grew up within a noble family and was taught the persuasiveness of words.  She is one of the most elequent speakers and uses her words to help Arian as well as other nations.

Warden Hagurashi Naraku
Court of Order
The Imperial Courts of Arian Comiss10
Hagurashi Naraku was raised entirely in the Court of Order.  He was born to the Order's overseer, who chose to experiment on his own child, at the dismay of his wife, and train him from an infant to adulthood.  Naraku's mother died of grief after her child was ripped from her body and taken to a sanctuary where she was never able to see him.  Naraku has no recallection of who his parents were or what either was put through for his training.  

"There is honor in death."

Shiranai Kouta
Court of Winds
The Imperial Courts of Arian Kouta110
Shiranai Kouta was a peasant who helped head of the first waves during the White Wars.  During the assaults the commander perished quickly and Arian lines began to crumble.  In an effort to rally the troops Kouta took the commander's uniform and marched to the front lines.  He fought back the troops as best he could until the others regrouped around him.  He lost his right arm but saved the lives of thousands.

Nakamura Rokuro
Court of Winds
The Imperial Courts of Arian 11-sam10
General Nakamura Rokuro began his service in the military shortly before the White Wars erupted.  He left his fiance behind to join the war.  He fought diligently and earned the rank of General before Arian was transported to Spero.  When he returned home his village was destroyed, burnt into a pile of ashes.  He searched for remnants of his old life but the only thing he could find of her was a charred pendant from the necklace he gave her before he left.  Since then he has never removed his mask, some have speculated that if he were to remove it he would be stricken with the grief of his loss.

Kanashige Souji
Court of Flame
The Imperial Courts of Arian Souji110
Kanashige Souji adopted the same name as the Lord General during the White Wars.  He appears to be ten years older than the general.  

Takaki Kanon
Court of Flame
The Imperial Courts of Arian Female10
Takaki Kanon is the newest female general to be accepted by the Courts.  She took the position of Koga Ren when she inherited her father's position.  

Sakai Tsubaki
Court of Life
The Imperial Courts of Arian 3b868110
Sakai Tsubaki is the high priestess of the Court of Life.

Arcadia Fable
The Imperial Courts of Arian 9eb2c010
Arcadia was a invaluable resource during the White Wars.  She defected amidst the chaos of the war and gave the nations information regarding their next plans of attack.  After leaving the forces of light she found it hard to fit into the other nations.  Many wanted to persecute her for her crimes during the war so she fled to the only safe place she could find, Arian.  Here Arcadia put her training to use, leading many assaults on the Forces of Light.  

Landscape and Wildlife: Arian's landscape is very mountainous.  The capital is built into the side of the largest mountain on the island.  Arian legend tells the tale of the Phoenix's rising from fiery birth, leaving molten rock in their wake.  Arian islands were formed from this rock.  Because the regions are so mountainous, few normal creatures can live at their peaks.  Griffons are one of the more commonly seen creatures in Arian as the nest at the highest peaks of the island.
 The Imperial Courts of Arian Griffi10

Capital Katsutakashi: The Capital is built into the side of the largest mountainon the island.
The Imperial Courts of Arian Legend10

Imperial Courts:  The Imperial Courts is similar to what some may call a palace, however it not only houses the Imperial family but the advisors and the military training facilities.  The Courts are surrounded by heavy walls with reenforced gates.  It contains an agricultural wing where is can grow and supply the entire Court with vegetables, fruit, and meat.  It has withheld many sieges without falter during the White Wars and is one of the only reasons Arian wasn't completely destroyed.
The Imperial Courts of Arian Claws_10

Kaei: Kaei is the one of the northern most cities in Arian.  Its high elevation allows it to serve as a watch pot for the coast lines at the northern border.
The Imperial Courts of Arian Misty_10

Ecomonic and Living Conditions: Poor.  Arian's lands were devastated by war, crops were burnt, fields were left infertile, country sides left ravaged by the unrelenting assaults of the White Wars.  People must work for everything they have as many starve in the alleys of its villages.
The Imperial Courts of Arian _tidel10

Politics: The politics is Arian are split between two main standpoints, Traditionalism and Modernism, as the terms suggest the nation is in a struggle between staying with traditional garments, weaponry among others or allowing modern technology into the nation.

Judicial System: Class decent: Imperial Family, Military Officers, Imperial Advisors, Nobles, Merchant Class, Peasants.  It is the belief of the people that criminals should lose extremities and class for their crimes.  If convicted of a small crime one may be force to pay money or work for the victims under the debt has been payed.  More severe crimes lead to the loss of fingers, hands, feet, and even heads if the crime warrants it.  Dishonor is not tolerated in the higher classes.  Should a person dishonor their family with criminal behavior the entire family stands the risk of having their class stricken.  If the family ex-communicates the individual the family may stand a better chance of regaining their status.

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The Imperial Courts of Arian Empty Refugee Registration Information

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The Imperial Courts of Arian Kesu10
The Imperial Courts of Arian Shadow10
Kesu originated in a nation of shape shifters who powers made them a high priced item on the slave market.  Kesu was kidnapped when she was young and was suppose to be kept in a cell until she was sold.  However, a elite unit from a Magis Nation broke into the slaver's containment unit and released the slaves inside.  As is custom for her race, Kesu pledged her life to the man who freed her.  She always stayed at his heels until he sent her back to her people.

"But - but, I wanna stay with you Master Azeero."

The Imperial Courts of Arian Red_sm10
"Smoke" as he is called is from a technologically advanced nation. He was one of the leading convert op soldiers in Solitude.

The Imperial Courts of Arian Good_q10
"Scope" also originates from Solitude and is known for being their finest marksmen.  

The Imperial Courts of Arian Death_10
Akh'sora originates from a cultist swamp nation that specializes in poisons, traps, and torture.

The Imperial Courts of Arian A8c46f10
Siiva was found in a crystalline pod that was as hard as diamond.  He awoke into the White Wars without any memories of his previous self.  The only thing known about him is there is a powerful magik aura emitted from the horns attached to his skull.

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The Imperial Courts of Arian Empty Courts of the Elements

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Court of Flame:
The Imperial Courts of Arian Court_10
The Court of Flames focuses on honing the power of phoenix fire to combat their enemies.  Those who train in the Court of Flame are often in the military and are seeking an edge in combat.  The highest ranking member of the Court of Flame is Naoya Kanashige.

Fire Magik

Court of Winds:
The Imperial Courts of Arian Court_11
The Court of Winds channels the winds of the divines to aid others.  Those who train in the the Court of Winds are generally nobles and officials.  Magiks included in the Courts of Winds are gravitational manipulation, air magik, and transportation.  

Air Magik

Court of Life:
The Imperial Courts of Arian Court_12
The Court of Life focuses on healing others and utilizing the magi's own lifeforce to save others.


Court of Minds:
The Imperial Courts of Arian Court_13
The Court of Minds is the most revered court.  Those who study in the Court of Minds learn to utilize their own psyches to read the minds of others, communicate without speaking, and move various items without physically touching them.  They are also very intuitive, often reading other peoples personalities and intentions upon first meeting them.


Court of Order:
The Imperial Courts of Arian Court_14
The Court of Order is the most disciplined Court of the Elements.  Courtiers are taken as children and trained to know no pain or fear.  They are often silent, because they are taught that words should not be wasted.  They are driven individuals, always seeking to accomplish their goals and accomplish them without unnecessary loss of time, expense, or life.  The ward magik used in the Court of Order uses is unique in that it does not negate the damage but rather it inflicts the damage to caster's body.  

Ward Magik
Gravitational Manipulation

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The Imperial Courts of Arian Empty History: The White Wars

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The Imperial Courts of Arian Empty Re: The Imperial Courts of Arian

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