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Post by Last court of Nixia on Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:08 am

Origins: The Nixians were created by a nation of sorcerers to be their defenders. Through magik imbuements and  heavily watched breeding projects.They created a race of people with racial qualities as wide as the normal world. Their creations the Nixians where unequal in their 2 tasks combat and the creation of weaponry,armor, and the refinement of materials needed for them. Unfortunately when political infighting led to the nation turning against any and everything Magik in origin the Nixians were given a choice. the government had access to a ritual to self destruct their genetic structure, or they could leave with the knowledge that the rituals enchantment had been destroyed. They choose to leave. They were given a fleet of ships and sailed away.

Architecture: The architecture of the Nixians is fairly simple, unlike their armor and weapon designs they build undecorated yet strong buildings.

Government/leadership: The Council is made of Elder members from the many classes within the 2 casts.

Geography: Upon finding spero the found an uninhabited peninsula to the southwest surrounded on 1 side by rocky mountains and on the other by steep rock cliffs  the coast dotted with small islands. They created a main capital city naming after their race, The City of Nixia.

Economy: The Nixians have the possibility to have an economy due to their weaponry and Armor being highly sought after especially those made within a crafting house.

Cast system: The Nixians are born into 2 casts,not hereditary, its is completely genetic chance what gifts someone will have. The Builders are the creators of armor, weaponry, and the materials with which to create these, and those who enhance them with magik. The Warriors are obviously the fighters those who use the builders creations.
:Materians This class of Builders are highly gifted with forging metals, tanning leathers and using their magik gifts to make the finest materials far stronger than their mundane counterparts
: Molders: the Molders are the armorers, the create armor specifically for the person no armor is even begun until the molder has interviewed the purchaser and made exact measurements. The armorer works with the materian supplying the ingredients to come up with the best set up for the warriors ability and body.
:Armams: these are the men and women who create the weapons, specific to their wielder in shape weight length and material.They use the same process as the Molders in designing their weaponry.
: Instiller: Instillers are far less common among the builder cast. These are the people able to weave enchantments into the products of Molders and Armams.There are a very few solo Instillers, ussualy once an Instiller finishes his training and has worked for army at large enough to make a name he or she will start a Crafting house

Crafting House: A crafting house is where an Instiller has sought out and brought together a team of Materians, Molders, and Armams all under 1 roof. This is where the Elite of the Nixians go for their armor, and weapons. Only the best and most renowned are able to afford these services, and those wealthy from other countries.The Instiller runs an in depth interview and test of the customer to see how he moves, how he works and all facets of the house work together to create a full armor and weapon system that fits and works as one with the purchaser.

Warrior: the Warriors are fairly simple in what they do, but that is where it ends. They fight...beautifully, those who have witnessed Nixian warriors compare them to artists of the battle field. Even the Brutal Hammer class has a brutality that is masterful.
Ranged Warriors:
- Marksmen: the marksmen are trained and equipped for absurd accuracy, their Bows usually imbued with the ability to resist extreme forces, the excess tension from the bow-line being transferred to the arrow head, and releasing backward upon impact making the strike far more powerful
-Voller: a Voller is trained and outfitted for laying down a suppressive field of fire with his Bow. From his physical speed to the design and augments of his bow, a squad of Vollers can be a terrifying sight as a small number of them can blot the sun from the battlefield with their arrows and bolts.
Melee Warriors:
-Lancer: Lancers are Mid range Melee warriors whom use Lances,spears and halberds.These are the closest to straight battle mages using the lances as foci for magik attacks.
- Hammers: These are battlefield juggernauts Wield either 1 2 handed hammer or 2 smaller hand and a half hammers in each hand. These warriors have little in the way of offensive or defensive magik their armor and weapons being heavily imbued with enchantments to keep them safe and do damage to large area's.
-Shields: These are the by far the heaviest of the Nixia warriors, but also the least offensive. Usually wielding 2large shields on each arm, and sometimes a Shield and lance. The shields are opposite of the Hammers, They are able to protect large area's with their defensive magiks, and their heavy armor.
- Knights: The Knights are a mainstay force, being neither a great offensive fighter, nor defensive protector. The Knights Wield a buckler or smaller shield in their off hand, and a sword or mace in their main hand. Able to use a wide variety of magiks and use them well a Number of Knights have proven themselves to be masters of warfare.
-Bladestorms: The Bladestorms are one of the most feared Nixians on the battlefield. These warriors wield a blade ussualy in each hand and their armor is regularly adorned with blades,or puncturing points about them. These fighters are trained with agility surgical precision and speed. Often a Bladestorm fighter will learn to blink at will appearing and dissapearing across the battle engaging and disengaging in combat.

Magik abilities: The Magik of the Nixian's is very fine tuned the Builders weave it into their creation processes making weapons deadlier armor stronger or lighter.The Warriors wield anywhere from no magik other than their equipment, to those warriors that seek to learn many magik skills to augment their innate combat ability
Last court of Nixia
Last court of Nixia

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Post by Last court of Nixia on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:35 am

Important People
Christian - Blade storm- christian is one of the strongest warriors of Nixia and thusly is the honorary leader. He is a member of the council but is not an elder he take direction from them and seeks to do them proudThe Last Court of Nixia Anima__Samurai_by_Wen_M

Collette- Lancer - Collette is christians younger sister and a very accomplished lancer. choosing to use her lance as more a focus then a physical weapon. she is normaly by christians right hand
The Last Court of Nixia Anima__colette_by_wen_m-d5d6knc
Kyler- BladeStorm - Kyler is a young man  who/s been friends with collette and Christian since childhood. he always dreamed of making his parents both accomplished builders proud, but it turned out that he had within him the makings of a skilled stealth bladestorm. he is one of the quickest and most agile people nixia has ever seenThe Last Court of Nixia Anima__Kyler_by_Wen_M
Last court of Nixia
Last court of Nixia

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